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Identitiy for a CEE venture company

crossagora project seal logo

Project background  

Crossagora is a multi-industry holding company with international background based in Budapest, Hungary with affiliated companies in London and Istanbul. Our work was to create their overall appearance.


The idea  

We wanted to create visuals that match their modern and multinational approach, yet does have something timeless like their name. We also wanted to help them, to find an easy way to communicate their strategy and vision about investing in workworthy companies.


The meaning of ‘Crossagora’  

The agora was one of the most important places in Ancient Athens. Not only was it the marketplace, but it served as the central location for the people of Athens to share news and discuss politics. Crossagora means across different markets, concepts, ideas.

Crossagora Grey (#70726F)



Crossagora Red (#EB1545)

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