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blockchaineum project's business card

This was our first project of graphic design projects. Appearance for Blockchaineum, the company behind the first Budapest conference and contest in blockchain.

Category: Branding 

crossagora project seal logo

Crossagora is a newly formed Budapest based venture capitalist firm with familiars in Turkey, London and Brazil. They invest in workworthy companies around the world.

Category: Branding 

graphic design studio project's logo on the wall

Agrodock is a logistics company for dry cargo ships operating in Brazil.

Category: Branding & Webdesign

parashout app project's user interface design

Parashout is an online, hyperlocal communication platform to deliver relevant content, using geo-fencing. Our mission is to revolutionize how new stories are created and consumed. Shoutout your story to the World!

Category: Branding & App design

graphic design studio website design project

Kocaeli Burada is a website of local advertisement, events, news.  This project was just an idea that how to create redesign.

Category: Idea & Redesign & Webdesign

graphic design studio experimental print design and poster project

We love graphic design projects of this nature because we can experiment with some really good idea. The concept of graphic: this is just a simple straight way – mountain is an illusion

Category: Experimental & Poster

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