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Webdesign of Kocaeli Burada / Redesign idea

Kocaeli Burada logos for webdesign

The idea  

Kocaeli Burada Kocaeli city portal. Their goal is to be with you in your business and social life with news and articles from Kocaeli’s daily life. You can find events and find tips about the city. To do this, we created a more modern, more uniform version of the logo in more youthful colors.

Webdesign idea 

After modernizing the logo, the layout of the website was designed, which was also challenging because there is a huge amount of content on the website. You can post an ad, search for ads, filter, read articles, read about events.

Because their current side was opaque and old-fashioned, we tried to create a more design, younger, much more categorical design. But we could to keep the layouts of the main menus, thus easing the habits of visitors.


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